The energy sector provides tremendous opportunity for further growth, especially in the Oil & Gas areas and can contribute significantly towards the economy of the country. Pakistan with 160 million people and a vibrant economy is an important market in the region.

In Pakistan retail sale of petroleum products is conducted through petrol and CNG filling stations. Each filling station is under the supervision of oil marketing companies. Petrol can only be sold under the umbrella of oil marketing company but an individual can get the license of sale of CNG from concerned authority. Oil marketing companies can itself operate the filling station or franchise the same for retail sale of petroleum products.

Oil industry of Pakistan has been in the hands of only three players for more than 50 years. Government under its deregulation plans wished to bring in new players to create competition for improving the services.

The major oil marketing companies currently operating in Pakistan are as under:
  • Pakistan State Oil
  • Shell
  • Chevron
  • Total
  • Attock
  • Admore
  • Askar
  • Attock
  • Hascol
  • Bosicar


Ali Group of Companies has inducted its expertise into the field of fuel filling stations. Automobile fuel is one of the growing businesses in Pakistan. The products which have good demand in Pakistan are HSD, PETROL, CNG & LPG. All the fuelling products are not available at a single site in Pakistan; Madina Petroleum has taken this opportunity to facilitate the customers. TOATL PARCO is going to have Oil Alliance with Macdonald. Madina Petroleum is going to collaborate in this Pilot Project.

Initially the first filling station with the collaboration of TOTAL (a well known petroleum brand of France) has been finalized at Main Multan Road Lahore.

Features and Amenities
  • Ideal Location on Main Multan Road Lahore.
  • Service Area.
  • Area 36,000 sq ft.
  • Tyer Shop.
  • Tuck Shop (Bonjour).
  • McDonald’s Restaurant.
  • Availability of Fuel (HSD).
  • Availability of LPG.
  • Availability of CNG.