I am thankful to my God for giving me an opportunity to serve my nation through generation of opportunities for the people of Pakistan. Our country is a paradise with availability of ample resources but the need is to utilize effectively and efficiently. The foundation of Ali Group was laid down to explore the resources of Pakistan, to stop the flight of capital and brain drainage, to utilize the resources for better Pakistan and contribute toward better economy. It is our policy to invest in Pakistan and create good employment opportunities for our people.

Like the entire world Pakistan is also facing impacts of world recession, but the condition of Pakistan is comparatively better than others. Inspit of the fact we should try to cope with the situation by introducing foreign investment & by increasing local investment in Pakistan. Ali Group is making its contribution in strengthening the Pakistan economy.

Ali Group believes in successful Pakistan, the country which may stand shoulder to shoulder with successful countries of our world. In order to achieve desired results and optimum output, we have ensured that each work domain is handled by the industry’s best professionals, selected from national as well as international markets.

We are dedicated with our targets and hope that all of you will assist us for the same.

Imran Ali Yousaf
CEO – Ali Group